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3 Jan, 2020

Discovery: Why is opposing counsel asking me all of these questions?

2020-01-03T16:04:20-06:00Jan 3, 2020|Blog Articles|

In almost every case, the parties will go through the “discovery process.” This occurs during the pre-trial (or first phase) of the lawsuit. Typically, the two main written discovery tools are Interrogatories and Request to Produce. Interrogatories are open ended questions asked in order to try and find out more information about a case. Request [...]

11 Nov, 2019

Litigation: What should I expect?

2019-11-11T14:17:08-06:00Nov 11, 2019|Blog Articles|

Is it like what we see on TV? No, not really. While no two cases are similar, they tend to follow roughly the same general outline. Even before a case is filed, we collect all of the records (like medical records, medical bills, police or accident reports, etc) so that we can get a better [...]

15 Oct, 2019

Electric Scooters: Love them or Hate them?

2019-10-15T09:33:57-05:00Oct 15, 2019|Blog Articles|

Bicycle sharing systems have become a customary sight during the summer months in the city. Now, the next trend, electric scooters. Beginning June 15, 2019, electric scooters were made available in certain areas of Chicago. But after four months, the City of Chicago decided to stop the program. At first glance, electric scooters seemed like [...]

7 Feb, 2019

Cost Transparency in Healthcare: Why does everything cost so much?

2019-02-07T14:48:58-06:00Feb 7, 2019|Blog Articles|

In 2016, an individual, on average, paid approximately $10,345.00 into the healthcare system. That means, in 2016, the United States spent approximately $3.35 trillion on healthcare expenditures. In fact, the United States spends more on healthcare than most other developed countries. While it is well documented that the United States is a country of spenders [...]

14 May, 2013

Unhealthy Health Club Waivers

2019-01-25T13:20:56-06:00May 14, 2013|Blog Articles|

As if it wasn’t challenging enough to try to make physical fitness a priority in our hectic lives, there are additional and somewhat frightening hidden obstacles contained within standard health club contracts.  Admit it.  Ask yourself if you really read and comprehended any waivers or more likely regarded them as annoying administrative necessities when joining [...]

19 Dec, 2012

Technology and the Law

2018-01-10T22:14:34-06:00Dec 19, 2012|Blog Articles|

I believe technology has taken over the world.  Whether it’s good or bad is up to debate.  I am leaning towards good.  It allows us to connect to the outside world more easily than ever before.  One can text or e-mail a relative overseas in seconds.  Remember the days of calling overseas and watching the [...]

14 Dec, 2012

Our First “Blog” Post

2018-01-10T22:14:46-06:00Dec 14, 2012|Blog Articles|

Okay, so this is our first blog post.  I have decided to bring my firm and my clients, which I have worked so hard to cultivate and grow, into the 21st Century.  What is a blog anyway?  I looked up the definition on the Merriam-Webster online dictionary and it tells me that a blog is: [...]

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