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Deciding when and how to file a lawsuit is always a big question on a client’s mind. There are advantages and disadvantages to filing a suit, and the best way to decide is to talk with an attorney. The personal injury lawyers of Loizzi Law Offices will answer your questions about filing suits for medical malpractice, personal injuries, motor vehicle accident claims, and premises accidents. There is never a charge for an initial consultation.


Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

Medical errors occur every day. Some errors are harmless while others result in catastrophic events. Medical professionals can commit malpractice in a variety of ways. Medical malpractice cases are complex and costly. We have the experience and resources to assist you in examining your situation carefully to determine if a case exists and how best to pursue it.

Personal Injury

Injuries caused by other’s negligence frequently happen. For example, when someone does something they should not have done, such as cutting a tree down without a proper guiding rope and the tree injures another person, the negligent person can be liable. Or, if a person fails to do something they ought to have done, such as restraining a dog known to have bitten someone and that dog bites again, the negligent person can be liable as well. There are many situations, which arise and cause injuries and/or damages. The best way to tell if you are entitled to compensation is by talking with an attorney.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, bicycles and/or pedestrians happen all too often.  Fortunately, many of these accidents do not involve any injuries. However, when that is not the case, we can help ease some of the confusion surrounding what to do next. When you or a family member is injured in an accident your main concern should be recovering. Yet, many questions arise about what to do next. Our attorneys are experienced on “both sides of the fence” in vehicle accidents, meaning they have worked for both victims and the insurance companies, making them a valuable asset in a confusing time.

Premise Accidents

Property owners have the duty to protect persons, lawfully on their property, from injuries caused by dangerous conditions on the property. If walkways, stairways, porches or balconies were unsafe and caused a fall or a trip, if snowy or icy conditions existed and someone slipped, if inadequate lighting or the lack of smoke detectors failed to protect you or your family and they were injured, our attorneys can help.  Preserving evidence and careful examination of the premises is crucial to determining who should be held accountable. We can protect your interests.

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