Medical Malpractice-foot injury

Comments Off on $700,000


Auto Accident-Neck injury

Comments Off on $1,552,281


wrongful death-birth injury

Comments Off on $3,000,000

Useful Websites

How to Look Up Your Doctor’s License Yes… you can look up your doctor’s license at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or “IDFPR” website. The information is free.…


What to do When You’re Involved in an Accident

Call the police – No matter how minor you feel the accident is, always call the police. There are instances when people agree whose fault the accident was, and exchange insurance information only to find out later that the insurance information was false and that the other driver is now claiming he or she was [...]


Avoiding Medical Mistakes & Errors

Avoiding Medical Malpractice Keep a medical journal. Write down appointment dates and doctor’s names. Write down prescription names and dosages. Double check your notes with your pharmacist regarding any medication. Question. Ask questions. Write questions down as you think of them. Bring your list of questions to your doctor’s visits. Bring a friend or family member [...]